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I'm focused on teaching the breath, but my client is getting lightheaded

Can I ask you a question?

"I have been teaching movement for a long time but have never been one to focus on the breathing techniques.  Having gone through your program, I now see how much more effective the movement can be if I teach my students how to breath synergistically with the movement.  However.  I must be doing something wrong as many of my clients say they get light headed.  I've never gotten light headed when taking a class so I'm curious why they are.  What can I do to help them not get dizzy but also get the benefits of correct breathing?"  ~  Sincerely, Dizzy Lizzy 


Dear Dizzy Lizzy,

 First I'm thrilled to hear about your commitment to teaching the breath.  As you've heard me say 1000 times, the breath is body's permission to move.  From your description, it sounds like they are breathing for speed rather than for depth.  This can happen when the rhythm of the movement is leading the breath instead of the other way around.  My suggestion is to bring the movement back to "home" and stay there for three breaths.  Use those three breaths to establish a rhythm seeking depth over speed.  On the third, once the breath is initiated at the rhythm at the pace you have established, cue the movement.  Allow the movement to follow the lead of the breath now.  Slower, deeper and more precise.  Give that a try and let me know how it goes!