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Reformer & Mat Certification Program Course

We begin at the beginning


After many years of teaching this program, I have learned a few things.  

The biggest is how not to overwhelm someone.  I want all of my students to feel successful and build confidence starting on Day One and breaking up the material into manageable components is one of the best ways to do that.  

At EYT, we offer Reformer & Mat first.  There are three reasons:

  •  Not all Host Studios have all apparatus so I have no interest in selling someone on a course they can't practice or won't need
  • It makes achieving the goal of Teaching Pilates more financially accessible.    
  • It is less overwhelming to learn.  We don't teach our client's the Advanced System on our first day, why would I teach a new teacher every apparatus at once also?



How much is this going to cost me? 


Program Tuition & Payment

Reformer & Mat tuition is US  $3850.00  

The payment schedule is broken up into 4 equal installments billed exactly one month apart from the day you registered.

There is a $200 discount given for Pay In Full options


What's Included?  

Immediate access to the online curriculum

A hard copy manual shipped to your Host Studio

A 300-350 Hour Apprenticeship at your Host Studio

Two Assessments 

Let's Do This

Take another look

The online curriculum is robust and constantly updated to give students the best content in the most digestible format.   

We didn't have anything like this when we were students

I hear from all of my grads, Hosts and Master Teachers how transformative they believe this curriculum to be.  We had to rely solely on our notes and couldn't hear, see and absorb the intonations, cues and nuances of Teaching unless we were physically in the studio. 

EYT Students now have the studio with them wherever they are.  

I'm In

I'm all about taking one step at a time but it's good to know what the future holds...


After you complete the Reformer & Mat program, you are eligible to join the Cadillac/Tower and/or Wunda Chair & Barrels.  To download a 2023 program schedule click here


Learn about Cadillac


If you prefer to chat before you purchase


By all means, let's do that.  Click the link below and we can schedule time to zoom-meet.  


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