Spring Semester

of the

EYT Pilates Teacher Training Program

Begins February 18th

at your local Pilates Studio

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Why Pursue Pilates Teacher Training with EYT?

Pilates Teacher Training enriches the lives of all who join. Friendships are made; knowledge and understanding of Pilates deepens and appreciation for your body and it’s capabilities grows.

Career Training
Pilates Teacher Training opens up opportunities for a career in Health & Wellness.  It can be a side hustle, a full-time, income-producing career or a rewarding part time job that impacts and helps others.  

The EYT Pilates Teacher Training program is designed for busy people (which is all of us).  Hosted in your local community, supported by an online curriculum, hard copy manual and live & recorded seminars and workshops, flexibility and accessibility is at the very core of of the EYT mission.  

Personal Growth
Pursuing a new path, learning a new skill and challenging both the body and the brain will inevitability lead to personal growth and development.  The EYT Pilates Teacher Training will stretch you out of your comfort zone and feel just as good as a Mermaid on the Reformer 


How Does The EYT Pilates Teacher Training Program Work?

The EYT Pilates Teacher Training Program has 3 major components:

- 3 Long Form Seminars that will take place at your home studio (all recorded for those unable to attend) where we get a deeper understanding of each exercise and how to teach

- 16 One Hour Workshops (all recorded for those unable to attend)  

- An online curriculum for study and support

- A hard copy manual for study and note taking

- Access to your home studio for practice and apprenticeship

The EYT Pilates Teacher Training Mission

To develop the next generation of high-quality, confident and knowledgable Pilates Teachers through a comprehensive curriculum; supportive practice and feedback cycles; an intensive workshop and seminar series and a unique collaboration with some of the leading voices in the Movement Industry. 


Study & Learning Tools:

Robust online curriculum with hours and hours of video and downloadably images

Hard-copy, full color manual shipped to you

Community Building & In Person Trainings

Five 5-8 hour in person seminars where we break down and learn the objectives of the movements, learn to articulate, and practice teaching

Weekly 1 hour workshops to explore all aspects of the movement profession from legal, marketing, professional development, teaching, anatomy, and self care


Practice & Evaluation

Access to your host studio for practice, observation and mentorship

Written evaluation on 2 practical exams required to receive Certificate 


Why Choose the EYT Pilates Teacher Training Program Over the Others

This is not a franchise and therefore not a “cookie-cutter” approach to movement and the body

EYT  PTT is over 15 years old and has hundreds of graduates giving us a solid understanding of how to organize and deliver a curriculum that educates and not overwhelms

EYT PTT is a collaboration between the EYT Curriculum Designer, Master Teacher and the seasoned teachers and studio owners in the EYT Host and Affiliate network

EYT’s mission is to develop knowledgable and confident Teachers, who know how to teach, not have you memorize a list of movements.

Find EYT Pilates Teacher Training at a studio near you!


Butterfly Pilates Studio, Newell, CA
Studio One Pilates, Lincoln, CA
True North Pilates, Sonora, CA


Swan Dive Center for Pilates, Northfiled, IL

Embody Movement Center, Lisle, IL


FBH Wellness 

Platinum Pilates, Lewisville, TX


Ten Pilates, Walla Walla, WA
Pilates Tacoma, Tacoma, WA
Main Street Pilates, Seattle, WA


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