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Being an Indy Studio Owner is lonely sometimes isn't it? 

The pressure to keep everyone happy, paid, seen and progressing all while paying the bills and making the decisions that keep your business growing and scaling.

There can be lots of sleepless nights, feelings of anxiety, distracted brain....

Any of this sound familiar?  

The good news is - there are people out there who have been there done that and have a lot of guidance to give.  And I'm one of them.  

How Can You Help?



I don't offer coaching containers, masterminds or 12-month programs.  I don't have an agenda and upsell you on other programs when you don't get the help you're actually looking for. 

I'm more of a "been-there-done-that" kind of gal.

Studio Start Up Course

A new or budding Studio Owner's road map that takes you from ideation to grand opening.  We give you tips, potholes to avoid, things you probably hadn't thought about. 

We include real life stories to give context and a sense of what "could be".  All is rooted in real life experience -- both the good and bad kind, professional guidance and the desire to help the next generation of business owners do good things. 

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One-off Mentorship Calls

Sometimes you just need to talk something through, brainstorm, organize your brain or vent. You don't need a coaching container or a 6 month contract for that.

What's needed is a colleague or mentor to give the guidance you need and move on.  

The good news- that's how I work.  Book a call.  We'll work through your issues so you can breathe a little easier.  No commitment.  No contract.  No package.   

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I'm Jessica and I've been at this a long long time.....

  • I have built,¬†moved and expanded multiple studios¬†
  • I have purchased studios and sold studios
  • I have trained, hired and fired employees
  • I have had¬†amazing locations with great landlords, miserable locations with horrible landlords¬†and experiences that could make for a best selling book (not bluffing)
  • I've lost my studio to a fire.¬† Then two years later to a flood.¬† Then Covid happened
  • I have tried and failed.¬† Tried and succeeded.¬† Moved forwards, moved backwards, moved laterally, pivoted ....

I've seen all sides of this business - and had to figure out every step on my own.  Proper support and guidance was out of reach....

Until now.  Indy Studios now have access to the professional support and guidance usually reserved for the big boys
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