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A Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program

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The staff at Evolve, has been busy converting our successful in-person Teacher-Training program to an online format to meet the changing world of learning.  

Complete with videos, write-ups, animations and audio files, the Evolve Your Teaching program covers every movement, beginner through advanced on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels.  The program is both comprehensive and extensive, but we all know you can't become a skilled teacher without practice.

Becoming a Host Studio provides the future teacher with access to a studio for practice, mentorship and observation while giving the studio a pipeline for future employees, added revenue and brand elevation.

Developing Quality Teachers 

Evolve Your Teaching is a long-established, comprehensive Pilates Teacher-Training program with nearly 100 graduates world-wide.  

But you know what's more important than that?   ALL 96 GRADUATES ARE DAMN GOOD TEACHERS.

To me, it doesn't matter if you are "classical" or "contemporary". If you don't know HOW to teach or how to have FUN in what you do, then you're wasting your and your client's time.

A good program gives you the technique and anatomy of the Pilates Method. A great program gives you that plus the teaching tools and development of your Pilates Eye.



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