We are all about Evolution. 

Evolving your knowlege, your business & your career.  And we have the programs to back up that mission.

Evolve or die.  Kind of harsh to think about it that way, but that idea applies to our careers and businesses.  If we don't continue to evolve and grow, our businesses and careers will suffer.  


I'm not a coach but an educator.  I want all teachers to be prepared, knowledgable & confident.  I want all my studio owner colleagues to be smart, proactive and empowered.  We achieve this through strong and effective education.


Evolve's  Business Start Up Course

Starting a business is a risk.  But it's riskier, and more expensive, when you don't know what you don't know.  

Evolve's Studio Start Up Course covers every nook and cranny of launching your first studio.  

With over 20 modules that cover everything from leases to location selections to partnership to hiring to business models.  Including downloadable forms, video interviews and workshops, do's and don'ts so you avoid the pot holes many fall into when starting up.  

Passionate about developing the next generation of our industry


While EYT develops the next generation of Teachers, Evolve is equally committed to supporting the next generation of studio ownership.  Helping to develop standards and systems saves the new Owners time, money and headaches while elevating all of us industry wide.    

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Evolve Your Studio Network

Registration opens on May 1st
Bringing the 4Cs to Independent Studios 


Cohesion, Community, Consistency & Collaboration

For $109/month or $999 for the year, Members of the Evolve Network receive:

Quarterly professional development workshops with industry professionals with the goal of helping us Be Better at Business

Group discounts on professional services like bookkeeping, accounting & coaching programs

Inter-network collaboration programs    

Fifty percent discount on EYS's downloadable business systems, policies, templated employee agreements & client retention models

Continuing professional education for employees.  

Every single asset we provide is designed to unify Independent Studios and bring the 4Cs to our industry. 

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45 Minute Support Call

Sometimes you just need to talk things through 


We 100% believe in coaching and what wonderful coaches do for our businesses.  

But sometimes you just need to troubleshoot or explore a concept without committing to a full program.  

That's where we come in.  Be it testing out membership language, dealing with an employee pay, brainstorming possible potholes in a decision, communication strategy....schedule a call and we will help you talk through it with you.   

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Master Teacher Training 

Becoming a Master Teacher is the natural progression in career development for a Teacher who has been successfully teaching for at least 15 years.  

Many longevity teachers want to challenge themselves again or use their skills in a new way. 

EYT Master Teacher Training is a 6 week course that provides the skills a senior teacher needs to run the EYT Teacher Training program on their own.  

Master Teachers must have Hosted at least one semester and have a minimum of 15 years teaching experience.

EYT Master Teachers utilize the EYT curriculum and materials to run their programs and earn 70% of all student tuitions.  

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"What you feed your mind, will lead your life." 

Kemi Sogunle

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