Curriculum & Program Details 

Let's get controversial for a second...


I am a classically trained teacher who believes we should learn to teach the body in front of us.  

Whew.  I got that out of the way.

I believe what Joe created was pure magic.  He was a pioneer in movement, in health and in engineering. He should be honored and his legacy should carry on for generations.  

But today's bodies are different than what they were in Joe's time. There were no cell phones, computers, desk jobs, long car rides to hockey tournaments.  Our client's bodies are broken in a different way than how Joe saw them so I do believe adaptation of Joe's work to meet the needs of today's bodies is warranted.  

Big gasp.....

So I have built this program to follow that same line of thinking.  Let's learn the rules.  Let's learn how Joe saw the work and wanted the work to progress.  Let's see how Pilates is taken into the body....but by the Advanced seminar and forthcoming continuing education....let's look at how Pilates can be evolved for the modern body.  

Live & Scheduled Program Components for a Comprehensive Course


Seminars are what I refer to as "working-sessions".  These are long days with lots of movement, laughter, bonding and punch-drunkness towards the end of the day.   We use this time to break down and dissect every movement and learn the teaching tools.  Students gather at their Host studios and log in to work together.  



We can't possibly get to all the information in a seminar so we use workshops as a means to drill down and discuss the nuance of teaching, anatomy, business or principles of Pilates. Workshops are pre-recorded and uploaded on a bi-weekly basis.  

Self-Directed Program Components


No weekend warriors allowed at EYT! You must complete a full apprenticeship (300 hrs for Reformer & Mat only or 600 hours for full comprehensive).  The apprenticeship takes place at the Host Studio in accordance with the guidelines set out in the syllabus and the Host Studio agreement.  



There is a Beginner level and Final Test-Out comprised of both practical and written components.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a graduation package inclusive of their certificate of completion. Then they can head to Lululemon and apply for their professional discount.

A study tool for the post-Covid world.

Remember when you were learning to be a Teacher?  Wouldn't it have been soooooo much nicer to have audio and video files to study when you weren't at the studio?  We used to take notes upon notes of cues and things to look for and hope we remembered what it was about when we got home.  

Hear, see & learn

We learn from hearing and seeing not just reading.  The EYT online curriculum is designed for apprentices to repetitively hear the rhythm and cadence of the voice, the flow of a session and technical cues when they aren't at the studio.  


A Good Old Fashioned Hard copy manual.

The hard copy, full color manuals will be sent out the host studios when registration closes.  These manuals serve as excellent tools for seminar days to follow along, take notes and re-read any A-Ha moments that may have occurred during working sessions.  They serve as a security blanket when practicing and will be a fixture in student's handbags for the duration of the program.  Manuals are segmented into Reformer/Mat, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels.

Once you're in the family (said with a Godfather-type tone), we always have your back

Support throughout the program is obviously paramount.  The staff at EYT are dedicated to responsiveness and strong communication for both hosts and students.  

Once a student graduates, it's important that they always feel connected to and supported by us should they want or need.   

Regular emails of support, opportunities for meet-ups or check ins and invites to our teacher community are all available.  We want to rival Penn State or U of Michigan when it comes to alumnae support and networking.  We may not be there yet, but one day.....

Summer 2024 Semester Info Here

"It's never too late to be what you might have been.”

~ George Elliot
EYT Is All about

Connecting people & lifting them up.

Teaching and sharing while celebrating your journey right by your side.

EYT Is Not About

Intimidation and elitism. Shutting down new ideas or viewpoints.  Abadoning ship when the job is done. 



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