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Enjoy clarity and understanding of the steps required to set up and start up your movement studio business 

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We have the experience to guide you

With over 22 years of studio ownership, we have launched, scaled & sold. We live to tell about the the rollercoaster of success, failure, plateaus and exponential growth and have developed this course to help entrepreneurs like us navigate new waters.  


A course born from experience

We have launched and grown 3 of our own and have been trusted to guide, mentor and scale multiple studios for others.  From business systems to marketing to employee training, we have supported studio owners in all phases of their journey. This course is born from the most frequently asked questions and sources of stress.  


We have opened, sold and flipped businesses

We have started studios from scratch, acquired competitive studios, turned failing businesses around and flipped for profit. We have seen all sides of the build, scale, sell process and are prepared to share it all with you.


We have developed multiple revenue streams 

We know how to grow past just private sessions.  We have launched, grown and sold off an in-studio retail store.  We have developed a Pilates Teacher Training program which has grown into International contender and developed an Evolve Your Body nutrition program for our clients.  



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Reduces overwhelm Starting a new business is not what it looks like on TikTok. There a lot of decisions that need to be made before launch.  We help you think through what you don't know so you can make informed decisions.

Avoid expensive mistakes If you don't have or sign a bad lease -- it can cost you.  If you don't have solid agreements with a partner or employee -- it can leave you vulnerable.  Missing a step or not seeing a pothole in the road can cost you thousands

A low commitment mentorship  Before enrolling in a coaching container for 10s of $1000s, start here and learn some basics.  You'll be prepared to get more out of your coaching experience when that time comes


We help you build your foundation on which you can build


We believe in having a strong foundation We bring you the basics of the start up process so that you can grow with ease. 


Develops your business acumen so that you can become a valued and successful member of our ever-growing industry.


Mentors and prepares you for real life's challenges that occur when starting up.  And provides on-going support on an as-needed basis.


Evolve Your Studio is your mentor, guide, teacher & wingwoman


Here's what's included in the EYS Studio Start Up Course

  • Step by step guide.¬†Starting a business comes with a lot of questions.¬† "What do I do first?" "What do I need to start up?".¬† This guide will cover all the steps you need to take in order to make informed decisions and open with minimal overwhelm or expensive mistakes.¬† ¬†
  • Story time.¬†¬†Context is important.¬† We provide real life stories of warning & success to provide context and a wider lens around the elements of business ownership.¬†
  • Downloadable Forms¬†¬†We provide our business bundles to course students at no additional charge.¬† You'll get the Employee Bundle, Client Bundle & Business Structure Bundle
  • Discounted¬†Support Calls¬†to brainstorm, ask questions, troubleshoot, or explore concepts.¬† EYS offers one-off 45 minute support calls to help our fellow entrepreneurs succeed.¬†¬†



‚ĚĖ¬†Evaluating your why

‚ĚĖ¬†Basic business vocabulary

‚ĚĖ¬†Creating a legal structure

‚ĚĖ¬†Evaluating¬†the right location (what seems low risk can actually be high risk)

‚ĚĖ¬†Understanding a lease


‚ĚĖ Funding

‚ĚĖ¬†Your Business Structure

‚ĚĖ Your Employee Bundle

‚ĚĖ¬†Your Client Bundle


‚ĚĖ Grand Opening

‚ĚĖ¬†Day-to-Day operations

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I'm Jessica, Founder, Education Director & "Abnormally Obsessed Teacher"

I have a long and strong reputation for being a big-thinker with an "I can do this" attitude

I've opened studios, grown studios, purchased studios and merged studios.  I've purchased a failing gym and flipped it in 2 years for a big profit.  I've opened, and enjoyed the success of and and sold a Pilates-inspired retail store. And, of course, I've written and perfected a Pilates Teacher Training program with over 50 (and counting) Hosts and Affiliates worldwide.

I've been called crazy, inspiring and ambitious -- all with a mix of both admiration and fear.  But one thing that's consistent is my passion is contagious to those around me.

I am insanely committed to your success as a Pilates Teacher.  I will forever be in your corner and cheer you on as you try new things, step out of your comfort zone and evolve into the Teacher you're meant to be.

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