They Said What???

Hear What Students Have Said About Their EYT Experience


"I so appreciate your candor and relaxed approach as you work with us.  That being said, there is no relaxation of the high standards you hold for our practice, and while I am nervous about meeting those expectations, I know your focus is on the success of each of us participants and that is evident in your delivery.  Thank you for your commit to our learning!" ~ BM, True North Pilates

"I notice everything. The way you taught me to scan the body with my eyes is priceless. No other course teaches that. I was an instructor before your training but you made me seasoned and I will forever credit you with that. I am eternally grateful. You made me a better instructor. Thank you" ~ SK, SK Fit

"The seminar exceeded expectations, I felt very comfortable on zoom and I felt the information was thorough and taught at good pace"  ~ EB, Pilates by the Bay

"The content was interesting and I believe the group work is building confidence and challenging everyone. My first time actually enjoying a zoom call". ~ JJ, True North Pilates








"I am meant to teach.  I am so grateful I was directed towards this program. Pursuing Pilates Teacher Training through this program is literally the best decision I could have made." AS ~ CoolHotYoga & Pilates

"Yesterdays seminar made me excited and hopeful I can envision myself doing this full time in the future and waking up everyday lucky to have my life and share the gift of movement." ~ JC, EYM Pilates

"The EYT Pilates Teacher Training program is like none other. Most programs go over the basics and expect you to nuance them yourself. EYT gives such a deep understanding of every muscle and its role in each movement which is such a better experience. You won't get this level of detail anywhere else." ~ AC, JFTA

"That training I got from you in teaching is so valuable in how I communicate exercises to my patients. I have total confidence in teaching the exercises."  ~ PS, Physical Therapist, Jumping Frog Pilates


Hear What Hosts Have Said About Their Experience.

Meet Alexa, Owner of Meraki Pilates in Trinidad 
Studio Owner doing it all (sound familiar?)

Alexa was doing all of it.  Teaching, lymphatic body work, client management, class was burning her out and there was no exit or growth strategy.  

Till she met Jessica.

Watch Alexa's story and hear how her studio expanded, changed locations AND she took two months off!

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Meet Patti Jo, Owner of 10 Pilates in Walla Walla Washington 
Studio Owner who thought she had zero prospects


Patti Jo's studio is located in very small town in rural Washington. Originally Patti Jo reached out to discuss potentially becoming a Master Teacher for EYT as she didn't think she had prospects in her local area.

Imagine her surprise when she mentioned it at her studio and instantly had FIVE enroll to be trained as teachers!

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Meet Cara Schroder, New Owner with insanely rapid growth  
Help needed to staff not one but two brand new studios



Cara had no idea how quickly her studio would explode with success.  She opened like most of us do -- with nerves, fear and a fire in the belly.  She rapidly filled every class and was presented with the opportunity to open another, bigger studio in another location.  Cara was literally doing - it - all.  She needed qualified, confident teachers to fill these two studios both short and long term.  

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Now It's Your Turn

You've heard a few of the many Host Studio success stories.  They are my colleagues and have become friends.  We worked together to grow their businesses and write a new chapter to their story....and they all have come back to do it again, and again.  

If you want to write your next chapter with EYT Pilates Teacher Training, book a call today and let's get this going!

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