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Can I Just Ask You a Question?

As a Master Teacher and Mentor for 15 years, studio owner and employer for 20 and Teacher for what seems like forever...I have been asked for guidance, advice, pep talks and concrete questions that span every topic under the sun.  And every one of these moments have started with "Can I just ask you a question?".  

Posts come from real life questions I get or have gotten from my student-teachers, graduated teachers, employees, professional colleagues, and of course, clients.  

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My client always comes in and tells me she "doesn't want to do something".

I'm a fairly new Pilates Teacher and I absolutely love what I do.  But I'm really struggling with the clients who come in for private sessions and announce what they are willing and unwilling to do in the session.   Should I just accept that some people are going to dictate what we do in the session?  I mean they are paying for it so I don't want to fight with them.  ~ Sincerely, Quiet & Frustrated 


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