Like a good face serum, I need to know the benefits....

Hosting EYT Is An Exercise in Growth and Commitment to You and Your Studio.


50% of Host Studios have opened up second locations or moved to an expanded footprint since Hosting because they had the staff to help them grow.


Busy studio owners delegated beginner classes, studio tours, intro sessions and sub opportunities to eager apprentices. 


Since 2021 Hosts have been paid nearly $200,000 


I'm a studio owner like you

And have always found that the studio owner gets neglected or taken advantage of in the Teacher Training business model.  If you provide the space and people, then you deserve to share in the success.  Show me another Teacher Training program that pays you!

You need Teachers to support your studio growth. That's why you're here.

And why EYT has done almost all the work for you.  

EYT does all the marketing, including paid social media ads in your community. 

EYT runs all the info sessions to generate interest and sign ups.

EYT runs the program from beginning to end including the seminars, workshops, anatomy, syllabus, homework and assessments.

Requirements to host are: 



After you achieve enrollment, you can take a step back...but only if you want to.

The education and program execution is my wheelhouse and I will be in constant communication with the apprentices guiding them from enrollment through graduation and every step in between.  So if you want or need to be hands off, you can be.  But on the flip side, you are more than welcome to join the group throughout the process.

I just ask that you let me do my thing

We all have different experiences, philosophies, variations, sequences that we love.  Yours might be different than mine and mine yours..neither of us is wrong.  Just different.  When it comes to new teachers, it is incredibly important not to overwhelm or confuse them so all I ask is that you allow the foundational approach EYT offers to be the standard....for now.  Once they have achieved comfort and confidence with the foundational work...that's when the real learning begins 

So, I Want to Host 

What Are My Next Steps?

Let's meet. 

Not for a sales pitch but to learn about each other. You can book time on my calendar here 


  • If you decide you want to move forward,¬†you can fill out an application
  • Once application is accepted, you'll receive a Host agreement which outlines mutual expectations


  • You'll receive emails outlining the assets we need to begin¬†the marketing initiative


Reap Rewards
  • Enjoy as you begin to achieve enrollment¬†
Let's Meet

Check Out the Curriculum

The curriculum is important and comprehensive.  We go above and beyond to cover all possible learning styles with as much flexibility as possible without compromising the integrity of the work.

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