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Why don't a lot of Pilates Studios play music?

Can I Ask You a Question?

"As a client I have been to a lot Pilates studios and I am curious why so few play music.  Doesn't music add to the vibe and help create energy in a class?" Sincerely ~ Confused by the Silence


Dear Confused by the Silence, 

You are correct. Music can absolutely add energy and excitement to a class dynamic.  In fact, music is so important to some fitness studios, like Soul Cycle or Peloton, that they literally have DJs on staff who create the playlist to work with the class format. 

Add this as item #786 on your list of ways that Pilates Teachers, and Pilates as a movement modality are different than the pack. As Teachers, WE like to create the music with our rhythms, our voice and our flow.  And we change that pattern easily and without planning to meet the needs and vibe of the client or room we serve.   I sometimes get into such a zone that it's like I'm channeling Joe himself -- and I would prefer that Lizzo not distract me, or my client, from experience.  

Music is also highly personal. The music that makes my heart sing has been described by my family as "the soundtrack to the end of time".  Yes. yes.  my music can be a little depressing so I reserve it for my AirPods and not the long car rides.  And if I were a client at a studio and the teacher put on Rap, Hip Hop or Country music, I can promise you I'd walk out and cancel my membership. 

Blast whatever you want on your car ride to and from class.  But in class, let the Teacher provide the rhythm they want to help you achieve the goal for that day.