Cadillac/Tower Certification Course

We Progress Our Teachers Like our Students


Learning it all at once isn't always the best approach.  We have found, after 15 years of teaching teachers, that we should progress our student teachers often the same way we do our clients.  Start with the fundamentals and then progress those concepts into other planes of motion, apparatus or deeper connections in the body. 

For this reason, Cadillac/Tower becomes available to our students when they are nearing the conclusion of the Reformer/Mat curriculum....when their brains and teaching skills are ready to apply what they've learned to the Cadillac.


Cadillac Program Components 


Five 90 Minute Workshops


Each workshop focuses on the movements, modifications & variations of the Cadillac

Springs, Roll Down Bar, Push-Through Bar, Trapeze/Fuzzies/Poles

The last workshop focuses on class organization and structure


When Is Cadillac Offered?

Cadillac program workshops are offered three times a year:

January, April & September on Fridays at noon

Recordings always available

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Cadillac Pricing and Details


Pricing Plans


 Total cost for the Cadillac/Tower Program is $1750

Offered in 4 Equal Installment Plan

$50 Discount for Pay in Full Option 


What's Included?  


75-100 Hour Apprenticeship at your Host Studio

Online Curriculum plus class structures

Final Assessment & Evaluation



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Remind me why I need this?

Reformer & Mat are only two components to a fully comprehensive training.  Without completing Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, you are not considered Comprehensively Certified by Industry Standards.     

What if I don't care? 

I can't make you care, but your employer and your students will.  Both parties will want your skills as a Teacher to be diverse enough to provide a well-rounded session or class that progresses or challenges the body in multi-dimensional ways.  

You also need to be comprehensively trained to sit for any PMA exams that may exist in the future.  

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